Why is outdoor lighting important?

Beautiful lights can add up the beauty to your home. Outdoor lights are as important as the indoor lightings. It keeps your family safe and makes the outdoors very relaxing. Paying attention to the outdoor lights can enhance the overall look of your home. Your patio will look good with the right lights. The lights that you install in your outdoor can make your yard unique. You will enjoy your exterior more. Choose the lights which complement your patio. Summer evenings can be very beautiful if you have gorgeous lights hanging on your patio.

Peacock outdoor wall light

Apart from making your home beautiful, the outdoor lights keep the pathways and outdoor spaces illuminated which add an extra layer of safety for the family members. Like indoor lights, your outdoor lights also come in various styles, intensity, colors, and designs. Choosing lights for outdoors should be a well-thought process as the lights are more exposed to temperature change and rainfall. There are several types of outdoor fixtures which are specifically designed to be mounted on different surfaces like – wall lights, post lights, hanging lights, ceiling lights, string lights etc. Let’s see few of them one by one:

Brown Outdoor Wall Light

1、Porch lights- Porch lights are mounted on each side of the main entrance of your home. They illuminate the surroundings. They should be placed at the shoulder height so that you can see your keys and other stuff without getting the glare in your eyes.

2、Garage lights- Another important light is the garage lights, like porch lights they are also placed on either side of the garage. They illuminate the driveway and provide essential safety to the family members.

3、Ceiling lights/hanging lights- For the covered porches or patio, ceiling lights are the best solution to illuminate the darkness. They can be flush mounted or can be a hanging light. Flush lights are good for the areas where you will be walking often like your home entrance. The hanging lights hang down through a chain or cord. Remember to install them in the places which have high ceilings so that you can get enough headroom to walk comfortably. Hanging lights look beautiful if placed just above the outdoor furniture or seating arrangement.

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4、Post lights- A lamp post can be placed anywhere in your property. It radiates the light in all the direction, hence are good to place in the big yard, lawn or the driveway. You can also get solar post lights. They are installed in the area where it receives the direct sunlight in the day. Sunlight recharges them in the day and they provide the light in the night. Solar lamp posts are the energy efficient means to illuminate the outdoors.

5、Landscape lighting – Landscape lightings are used to light up the surrounded area and are placed little above the ground. They are less bright than the other lights so you will need to install more of them.

6、Other outdoor lights can be installed in the areas where you walk or sit for most of the time. They are also helpful to deter the trespassers. For security reasons, you can get a motion sensor or floodlights. These lights automatically illuminate once they sense the movement of any object or people. You don’t have to always remember to turn them on as they work automatically. Depending on the size of your property, you may need one or two of these lights.


Outdoor lights should be durable so that they can serve for a longer duration. Keep checking them on regular basis and replace the damaged bulbs on a timely basis. Here are Lampech help for choosing outdoor lighting fixtures for your home.


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