What are floor lamps used for?

When your square footage is minimal, take advantage of height. Buy Fishing Arc Floor Lamp for your apartment as they are ideal for providing adequate lighting in dim nooks and crannies without taking too much space on floors or table tops. Tall floor lamps fit in well at narrow corners of any room which makes that space inviting and appealing. Floor lamps with dimmers can regulate the light intensity as and when needed for creating a warm, intimate, personalized space.

Fishing Arc Floor Lamp

What are the types of floor lamps?

1. Arc direct-illuminated floor lamp: the light is relatively concentrated, the local effect is obvious, and the influence on the surrounding area is small. The light from the lamp diffuses down on the ceiling and is evenly distributed in the room. This kind of "indirect" lighting method has softer light, less irritation to human eyes, and can relax people's mood to a certain extent. In some popular modern minimalist home designs, the use of this kind of lamps is quite common.

Fabric arc floor lamp

2. Top-illuminated floor lamp: Use top-illuminated floor lamps. The ceiling in your home is best white or light-colored, and the ceiling material should have a certain reflective effect. In this case, the light is much softer, the influence range is larger, and the lighting effect of the bottom light can be achieved.

Egg tart floor lamp
What is the role of floor lamps in home decoration?
When everyone uses floor lamps, they usually put them in the corners, which can also reflect the characteristics of relatively strong decoration. Therefore, the types of floor lamps in the furniture market are opposed to all kinds. Under normal circumstances, floor lamps are simple in shape and do not have too many decorations. Most of them will reflect the simple and modern style. Of course, the bracket has exquisite shapes and the floor lamps with exquisite and gorgeous lampshades are the first choice for European style. The lampshades are relatively simple in design. , Spherical Arc Floor Lamps are deeply loved by American and industrial styles.
Spherical Arc Floor Lamp
In daily life, floor lamps are often used as local lighting. Most of the time, they don’t talk about their comprehensiveness but emphasize the convenience it brings to everyone when they move. It also plays a very important role in creating the atmosphere of local corners It also plays an important role in our decoration. If the light projection method of the floor lamp is directly below, it is suitable for learning and reading and other work activities that require a high degree of concentration. If it is indirect lighting, you can adjust the overall light change to create a romantic or comfortable atmosphere.

Select traditional floor lamps with shades or art glass pieces with different patterns. The lampshade can be made of decorative fabrics which are colorful. Choosing one with a decorative lamp base and pole adding more style and attraction to the features of the floor lamp.

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